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Barrier Pipe

Barrier Pipe is a tough, multi-layer pipe. It is often used on construction brownfield sites so contaminants cannot permeate the water supply.

Previously contaminated land is increasingly being reused for new developments where drinking water is needed. Former industrial land, must either be remediated to reduce contamination to acceptable levels, or an appropriate barrier pipe system must be installed. This provides a high level of protection over a standard Pipe. So, as a result, guarantees long-term safety and quality of water supply.

Conventional pipe systems should not be used on brownfield sites, because certain residual chemicals can permeate or corrode the pipe wall. This causes an unpleasant water taste and shortens the life of the pipe.

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Sizes available:
25mm – 25m and 50m
32mm – 25m and 50m
63mm – 6m, 25m and 50m
90mm – 6m and 50m

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Features and Benefits Approvals
  • Proven barrier against all recognised brownfield contaminants
  • Suitable for corrosive conditions – avoid the cost of expensive soil sampling
  • Long-term security of supply
  • All the installation benefits of polyethylene – a lightweight (80% lighter than cement lined ductile iron), flexible material that is fast and easy to install (up to 55% faster than ductile iron). No thrust blocks and wrapping required. Long pipe lengths reduce need for joints.
  • Reduced leakage
  • Excellent lifetime cost savings
  • Leading Barrier System
  • Leading the market for over 15 years
  • The most complete range of fully integrated pipe and fittings
  • Second–to-none approval status – full system is independently approved (see below)
  • Specified by choice for contaminated sites by many UK water companies
  • Approved by the Secretary of State
  • WRAS (complete system approved)
  • WIS 4-32-19 (complete system is Kitemarked)
  • BS 6572 (25mm-63mm pipes)
  • WIS 4-32-17 (25mm-355mm pipes)
  • Excellent lifetime cost savings
  • BS EN 12201 (90mm-355mm pipes)
  • System permeation tests are independently verified.

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