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Sylmasta - SylWrap Universal Pipe Repair Kit

The SylWrap Universal Pipe Repair Kit is used to permanently repair burst or leaking pipes in under 30 minutes, even when pressure cannot be turned off.

Underground Drainage

Our underground drainage pipes and fittings are used to drain away sewage and grey waste water from WC's, sinks, baths, kitchen sinks, dishwashers & washing machines.


Polysewer is the newest addition to our underground drainage collection here at Rouden Pipetek. It is a robust, chemical and sewer resistant product, which can be fitted to new and replacement underground systems.

Clay Drainage

Rouden Pipetek are one of the largest Naylor Clay stockists in the South of England. You can purchase a wide variety of clay pipes and fittings directly from our 2 acre yard in Peas Pottage, West Sussex, Petersfield in Hampshire or our depot in Maidstone, Kent.

Land Drainage

Land drainage pipe is a single wall corrugated pipe used as a collector drain for the removal of excess surface water on gardens and fields to a suitable collection point.

Twinwall Carrier Drain

Twinwall carrier drain is made from HDPE plastic and manufactured by a twin extrusion process whereby two layers are simultaneously extruded one inside the other and heat welded together in one continuous step.


Storm crates, or otherwise known as storm cells or attenuation cells are a fantastic water management solution help reduce the risk of flooding.


Our linear aco channel drainage is suitable for commercial and residential applications. This includes industrial areas, roadways, car-parks, driveways, patios and gardens.


Rouden Pipetek manhole covers are manufactured from cast iron, ductile iron, galvanised steel, stainless steel, aluminium, GRP or composite material.

Barrier Pipe

Protecta-Line is an award winning, fully integrated barrier pipe and fittings system. Its tough multi-layer construction ensures that any contaminants remaining in brownfield sites and former industrial land cannot permeate into the water supply.

MDPE Pipe Blue | Black

Our blue and black MDPE pipe is a durable, easy to handle polyethylene pipe suitable for potable and non-potable applications. Blue MDPE Water Service Pipe is available in two pressure variants and a choice of diameters to suit your needs.

Geothermal Pipes and Fittings for Heat Pumps

Rouden Pipetek offers geothermal pipes in both 32mm and 40mm diameters, in a variety of coil lengths. It is made from strong, flexible black SDR11 PE80 polyethylene, making it highly resistant to loads and pressures experienced at depth in the ground.

PVCu & ABS Pipework Systems

Roudens PVCu systems are widely used for pipe installations. Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (PVCu) is one of the most commonly used thermoplastic materials, because it is odourless, tasteless and chemical resistant, therefore suitable for transporting potable water and food products.

Hydrants, valves & transition couplings

Rouden supplies a selected range of hydrants, valves and transition couplings to the water, gas, waste water, industrial and fire protection industries.

Electrofusion Fittings

Electrofusion fittings are designed for high performance pipe jointing and a long system life. The combination of quality, durability and ease of use has been shown to be most economical for both installer and network owner.

Mechanical & Compression Fitting

Tried & Tested: Plasson mechanical & compression fitting for Polyethylene pipe have been in continuous use for over 50 years.

Flexible Band-Seal Couplings

We stock a wide range of versatile, high quality, standard and flexible band-seal couplings used for connecting and repairing pipes in different materials and sizes.

Sewage Treatment Plants

We offer a wide range of sewage treatment plants.

Bypass Interceptors & Tanks

Bypass interceptors and tank separators provide total peace of mind. They separate fuel and oil from surface water preventing it from polluting the receiving water as it drains away.

Specialist Fabrication

Here at Rouden Pipetek, we provide specialist fabrication. Our customers frequently require custom underground products for their projects.

Underground Cable Ducting Systems

Our uPVC telecoms cable ducting is widely used to carry all types of services in a range of applications including industrial, domestic and commercial. PVCu specification and utility duct is more durable than general purpose duct.

Electric Cables

Our electric cables are black, smooth, single wall cable protector. This ducting is UK Power Network approved.

Street & Traffic Lighting

Rouden Pipetek sell orange street light and traffic signal ducting conforming to BS EN 50086-2-4. Choose from a selection of sizes and lengths.


Our twinwall service is a lightweight, high crush strength main duct system providing brilliant cable protection and efficient underground installation.

Marker Tape

Marker tapes are coloured, plastic warning tape overprinted with a warning identification text. It is designed to mark the position of buried utility lines and help reduce the risk of third party damage.


These telescopic safety Guardposts are used on project and construction sites to help prevent site plant and equipment hitting overhead obstacles. Also used for cable protection, these are ideal for plant, engineering and groundwork companies.

Geotextile Membranes

Rouden Pipetek total underground solutions, from complex underground drainage systems to simple Geotextile products.

Grass Reinforcement Mesh

Grass reinforcement is used to protect and strengthen grass surfaces that are trafficked. Installed onto existing grass surfaces, it helps reduce grass wear, abrasion and rutting by creating a strong interlock between the plastic mesh filaments and the grass roots.

Grass Seeds

Rouden Pipetek are proud suppliers of bulk grass seeds for landscapes, amenity, agriculture, sports fields, pitches and arenas.


This mesh is a specifically designed product, which has been developed to allow access over peat bogs and moorland areas. Once natural vegetation has grown through, the mesh becomes unobtrusive and requires no regular maintenance.