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Polystorm Soakaway Crates

Our Polystorm Soakaway Crates, (also known as storm cells or attenuation cells) make fantastic water management solutions. In short, they help reduce the risk of flooding.

Polystorm Soakaway Crates are designed to provide attenuation at a variety of depths. They also accommodate a wide range of traffic loadings from pedestrianised areas to large HGV parks. Our extensive range of storm crates is available for a variety of commercial and residential uses. The primary brands we stock are Rainbloc and Polystorm SoakawayCrates.

Leading Attenuation Crate Supplier

Our attenuation crates are light, easy-to-assemble and they connect together, which means you can create your required structure. The outer surfaces of the crates should be wrapped in a geotextile membrane. This helps stops soil from entering and clogging up the system. Please visit our Geotextile page to find out more.

Our fleet of specialist delivery vehicles ensures your goods get to you safely. We offer a fast, next day delivery service, as required. Visit our Trade Counters in Horsham, West Sussex, Petersfield in Hampshire or Maidstone, Kent if you wish to collect in person.

Here at Rouden Pipetek, we offer a wide variety of storm cells for different applications. Please Get in Touch with our sales team to discuss your requirements.

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Other Varieties:

Polystorm Lite Soakaway Crates

Polystorm Lite has been specifically designed for non-trafficked applications. With a 20 tonne per square metre compressive strength, it will withstand general maintenance vehicles such as grass cutters. Polystorm Lite is typically used in landscaped areas, pedestrian areas and public open spaces such as playgrounds.

Polystorm Soakaway Crates

The standard Polystorm cell has a 40 tonne per square metre compressive strength and is ideally suited for attenuation or soakaway under-trafficked and loaded areas such as housing developments, car parks and commercial developments.

Polystorm-R Soakaway Crates

For trafficked and loaded applications with a compressive strength of 61 tonnes per square metre and the added benefit of a higher recycled material content.

Polystorm Xtra Soakaway Crates

Designed for use in deeper burial depths and heavily trafficked applications, Polystorm Xtra as a compressive strength of 80 tonnes per square metre, making it suitable for use in very heavily trafficked areas like lorry parks and industrial access roads.