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How do Sewage Treatment Plants work? 

How do Sewage Treatment Plants work? 

A sewage treatment plant is able to treat the waste of domestic or commercial properties with the aim of delivering a more environmentally friendly effluent. 

In simple terms, a sewage treatment plant works by circulating air to encourage the growth of bacteria that then break down the sewage. 

What is a Sewage Treatment Plant?

A sewage treatment plant is not too far removed from a septic tank. Waste leaves the property and into the first chamber of the treatment plant. The water then sits here until things such as grease and oil rise to the top and solid materials sink to the bottom. 

After this separation, the liquid then passes into a second chamber. Here is where septic tanks differ from sewage treatment plants. In the latter, the chamber is fitted with an air pump that circulates air. This is to encourage the growth of aerobic bacteria which will then break down the sewage particles in the water. 

Finally, there is one last chamber where the last solid materials that might be left can sink to the bottom. Then the liquid is released into a soakaway or watercourse. 

Another crucial difference between sewage treatment plants and septic tanks is that the discharge from treatment plants can be released directly into local water sources. The treatment plant makes sure the effluent is clean enough to be released into the environment. 

Why get one?

Sometimes, your property may not be able to connect to a main sewer because of distance or the type of the land. In these circumstances, you can get a sewage treatment plant as an alternative. 

One of the great benefits of a sewage treatment plant is that they can be successfully installed in almost any location that has an electrical connection. 

Do Sewage Treatment Plants Need Emptying?

Though Sewage treatment plants do treat waste better than septic tanks, they still require emptying occasionally. It is advisable to make sure the tank is maintained around once a year, though be sure to inquire with your installer. 

The Benefits of Treatment Plants

Sewage treatment plants are very reliable and with regular maintenance you are unlikely to run into any issues. They are also pragmatic in that they can be installed on difficult sites. Furthermore they can be a cost effective solution, with the only expenses being installation, power and occasional maintenance. 

Sewage Treatment Plants with Rouden Pipetek 

We offer a wide range of sewage treatment plants, including:

  • The Kingspan Klargester BioDisc® – the only packaged sewage treatment plant utilising Rotating Biological Contractor technology for small domestic applications. 
  • The BioDisc® BD-BL sewage treatment models for a range of commercial applications. These include hotels to offices, pubs to campsites and industrial buildings. 
  • The BioFicient is a highly economical and reliable solution for your sewage treatment needs. With low running costs, the all new BioFicient is easy to maintain.
  • The BioTec range is fully compliant, tested and approved to EN 12566-3 and is CE marked to meet the latest construction products regulations.
  • The EnviroSafe employs a plug flow combination of aerobic and anoxic processes in a fluidised bed arrangement. 

For more details go to our sewage treatment plant page. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiries.