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The Benefits of Land Drainage Pipes For Groundwork Companies

The Benefits of Land Drainage Pipes For Groundwork Companies

The Benefits of Land Drainage Pipes For Groundwork Companies

Clearing a site and laying down the initial foundation is only half the battle when it comes to groundwork projects. Here at Rouden Pipetek, we work closely with construction, civil engineering and groundwork companies.  We are equipped to make sure they have the best pipework supplies for every project.


With our wide range of perforated land drainage pipes, companies can achieve swift and seamless removal of excess surface water from large areas such as fields or gardens or any other piece of land where their project might be taking place.


Discover how our land drainage systems are benefitting construction and groundwork companies throughout the UK:


Improve Soil Structure


With the correct pipework, land drainage can positively impact the health of the soil. Proper drainage will allow for better ventilation and increase the availability of oxygen. Furthermore, a healthy piece of land is needed for building projects to ensure the future of the land can continue to prosper and grow.


Easy Installation 


Our land collector drains are easy to handle and are renowned for their high-quality performance. For groundwork companies, we offer flexible, durable and easy to install land drainage perforated or unperforated pipe options. Plus, to make the process even more hassle-free, our pipes are always ready to be dispatched and delivered by our fleet of specialist vehicles.


Full Range Of Sizes


Finally, we offer a full range of land drainage sizes and fittings to suit all your groundwork project needs. With a size range from 60mm-160mm, we can provide you with the correct size and length that is needed to effectively complete your land drainage process.


Looking for the right pipework for your next building project? As your largest independent pipework supplier in the South of England, we are pleased to be of service to you. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our products.