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The Importance of Electric Cable Ducting

The Importance of Electric Cable Ducting

What is Electric Cable Ducting?

Electric cable ducting as the name suggests is basically tubing that surrounds electricity cables. Its primary use is to keep the wires from damage, and also protects people from live wires. Here is a short overview of the importance of electric cable ducting.

The law requires that electrical ducting have ‘Electrical Cable Duct’ written on them. This is to warn workers and others that might come across the ducting what is inside. 

What is Underground Electrical Ducting?

Underground electrical ducting is quite self-explanatory. It is when the electrical ducting is run underground for various reasons. 

This is commonly used by power companies and others to keep the cable safer and reduce the risk of disturbance. With the cables underground and in ducts, there will of course be a smaller risk of them being damaged by storms or accidents. 

Why is Underground Electrical Ducting important?

Underground ducting is important in reducing power outages and other electrical issues that can be caused by cables being damaged. Cables left above ground can suffer weathering and accidents, and can even be purposefully damaged. Underground ducting also has  the bonus of having less cables running overhead in the skyline, which many people prefer. 

Putting the electrical cables and ducting underground can be more expensive upfront than alternatives. Over time however it is the more economical choice as you will have to deal with less maintenance costs. 

It is also possible to use underground electrical ducting on private land in order to protect cables and pipes under your house.

Electric Cable Ducting with Rouden Pipetek

If you are looking for a supplier or electric cable ducting, then at Rouden we can help you. Our electric cable ducting is a black, smooth, single wall cable protector. We have ducting available that is UK Power Network approved.

You can choose from 50m and 100m lengths in diameters 32mm and 50mm. We also offer next day delivery on this product. For any orders or enquiries, please contact your nearest branch for more details or fill out our contact form.