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The Uses of Linear Channel Drainage

The Uses of Linear Channel Drainage

What is Linear Channel Drainage

Linear Channel Drains are a popular drainage item used all over the world with a wide number of uses. Here we will explain how channel or linear drains work. 

Channel drains are made up of a channel covered with a grating. The main use is to drain water away from areas, such as residential property. Linear channel drains should be placed where water will gather as they use gravity to drain. 

Linear Drainage Channels will remove surface water away from a designated area which helps to reduce the risk of flooding. Effectively installing channel drainage on properties is a fundamental part of flood prevention. 

Types and Uses of Linear Channel Drainage

Channel drains come in two types. The standard type is channels that have a regular depth, and the other types have built in inclines. The regular type is most commonly applied for short drains in places such as residential properties. 

Linear channel drains can come in a variety of sizes and be made from a range of materials such as stainless steel, polymer concrete, and more. The goal of a certain drain will decide which type is most appropriate. 

Channel drainage systems are less deep than alternative drainage systems, which makes them a good choice for drainage in places with pre-existing underground utilities. This type of drainage will help prevent flooding and keep your property clean of stagnant water. 

In addition to this, by installing a linear channel drainage system on a property, you can significantly lower the amount of soil erosion. It is particularly useful in locations near rivers, lakes, or the sea, where water runoff is more likely to occur. 

Linear Channel Drainage with Rouden

At Rouden Pipetek we supply a range of Linear Channel Drains. Our ACO Linear Channel Drainage is suitable for both commercial and residential uses. This includes industrial areas, roadways, driveways, carp parks, patios and gardens. 

Channel Drains, such as HexDrain, RainDrain, CivicDrain and Threshold Drain are installed underground. The water is then transported through the drain away from any areas where it has the potential to cause flooding or damage. Alternatively, in some circumstances, water can also be attenuated or contained.

Although the Drainage Channels are narrow in terms of width, multiple can be connected together to create virtually any length- perfect for projects and areas of any size.

Our extensive variety of stock consists of carefully selected products for various loadings from A15 up to D400. Together with ACO Water Management, we aim to provide you with the best quality materials for whatever project(s) you have in mind. Please let us know your requirements.

For more information and pricing, please contact a member of our sales team at your chosen branch.