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Case Study: Attenuation tanks | Copthorne

Case Study: Attenuation tanks | Copthorne

Designed to hold an impressive 1.6 million litres of storm water, Rouden Pipetek have supplied three attenuation tanks for a Landbuild project in West Sussex.

The 6-week project in Copthorne, involves constructing a new park and ride for Gatwick Airport. Rouden Pipetek supplied 8,820 crates to Landbuild, who will be installing a mixture of Polystorm-R and Polystorm Inspect to create the bespoke water management system required for the project. Polystorm-R storm cells are suited for loaded applications at greater depths, such as housing, commercial and infrastructure projects and has a compression strength of up to 61 tonnes/m². The Polystorm Inspect cell provides a tunnel along the length of a fully installed Polystorm structure to provide access for inspection and maintenance.

Rouden Pipetek worked closely with Landbuild to ensure the crates were delivered on time, in three stages, over a period of 10 days. After the storm crates were installed, each section was wrapped in impermeable membrane to create the three separate tanks. When completed, the three large tanks will provide storage and slow release of water run off from the car park, thus reducing the risk of flooding.

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